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Money is made when your equipment is on the move and with 15 years of experience in international transport, we understand that better than anyone else. Unexpected standstills cost you a lot. Not just the costs for the solution itself, but also the time of your staff working on finding a solution, the effects on your (JIT) performance, the delay of your truck and the goods….

Our main objective is to shorten your standstill to a minimum and to help you get your equipment moving again in the shortest possible time.



Breakdown Service Reinvented. The personal, solution-oriented service of the past, supported by the technology of tomorrow. From our own emergency centers in the Netherlands and Sweden, specialized employees are available to assist you 24 hours a day, year-round.

Breakdown Service Reinvented is a completely independent private enterprise. We help you on a “on demand” and “pay per use” basis.

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Regardless the nature of the problem, Breakdown Service Reinvented is here to help. Challenge us!
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