Money is made when your equipment is on the move and with 20 years of experience in international transport, we understand that better than anyone else. Unexpected standstills cost you a lot. Not just the costs for the solution itself, but also the time of your staff working on finding a solution, the effects on your (JIT) performance, the delay of your truck and the goods….

Our main objective is to shorten your standstill to a minimum and to help you get your equipment moving again in the shortest possible time.

Roadside Assistance

Technical problems always seem to occur at the most inconvenient moments! A stranded truck by the roadside incurs significant costs. Apart from the expenses for repairs, your employees lose time finding a solution, goods experience delays, connections may be missed, and it can impact your performance towards your client.

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Tire service

Tires are one of the most expensive repairs at roadside. Breakdown Service Sweden has agreements with the 3 leading tire service chains in Sweden and therefor can we often offer you service nearby.

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Towing & Recovery

Technical breakdowns or accidents. It can end up with the need of tow trucks.

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Workshop Network

Is your vehicle still able to drive, but you need to visit a workshop along your route? We work together with single brand, multibrand and all brand workshops.

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  • 2815 Service Providers
  • 94% Response time in under 15 minutes
  • 89% of the cases solved in 3 hours


I'm always amazed at how quickly Breakdown Service resolved the issue each time.

These guys are fast! And they keep you informed all the way.